is it ever going to get better? In all honesty.

Self-inflicted injury

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  • ArtemisEden


    Yes. I have found my purpose in life and so have many other I have talked to that has this problem I struggle still but I keep in mind that I always have someone in my corner rooting for me and loving me

  • Onishi


    With time comes growth and decay, even the brightest flower went through countless stages of being withered, only to lose seeds and grow again, so in due time I believe even with trial and error, everything will turn out in one way or another, maybe not perfect, but enough to where you can feel satisfied with it

    • ZoraRay


      Thank you- that actually makes a lot of sense and helps a little bit, I appreciate it.

  • Greenery


    I promise it will. It might not be immediately, but it will. Sometimes it is bad, but it can't always be good.

  • Gabby77


    Yes, it gets better. Sometimes it seems impossible but things change, you change and grow.

  • kelzbellz


    It does get better but it's a constant struggle. You have to wake up every morning and decide to fight. I started self harming when I was 16, I'm 32 now and I'll be 7 years self harm free this September.

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