Hello all! I've been on a rather long Lyme journey, and since Lyme disease looks so different in different people, I wanted to ask about those of you with Lyme who got vaccinated. Of course sometimes it's hard to know for sure, but has anyone experienced any negative effects from getting vaccinated? Anything that people with more healthy and strong systems didn't experience? Thanks!

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  • Owlbug97


    If the Lyme is at a chronic stage then we are immunocompromised and shouldn’t have the vaccine.

    • BiancaNR


      I've heard that as well... part of why I haven't yet

  • Chippergirl


    Do not get the vaccines. I had terrible side effects

  • littlefrog


    I didn’t have any side effects personally. I got the vaccine after I had this autoimmune… flareup, or some kind of infection, that I believe was caused by exposure to covid, that introduced a bunch of new symptoms and basically gave me a whole new disease. so I was about as f*cked as you could be, medically, with my immune system in hyperdrive. but the vax didn’t affect me at all. now I don’t know if I had gotten the vax before whatever kickstarted my whole autoimmune hell, maybe the jab would’ve been the catalyst instead of airborne exposure to the virus. so take that with a grain of salt. if you have a lyme literate doctor you should ask them.

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