Hey, does anyone else have issues with facial hair, and ingrown hairs? I have tried waxing and I ended up breaking out

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  • sharkbait1097


    I have tried everything including using an electric razor and I still get ingrown hairs nonstop Glenn

    • sharkbait1097


      Sorry the Glenn part was a typo lol

  • kks


    Facial hair.... something I can never get rid of. Its so frustrating but Waxing is best option for me currently. It was getting me to break out in the beginning when I started waxing but now it doesn't break me out. Try using 4% benzoyl peroxide wash as Facial clenser after a day or two of face wax. And I want to try electrolysis. Especially for neck hair. Hopefully I can get it done soon.

  • LizzieFrankenstein


    I pluck on most days, and shave when my (trucker) boyfriend has his home time. I shave downwards, and use rubbing alcohol to shave with as it disinfects and as it evaporates causes hairs to stand up for a closer shave... using a good razor vs cheap ones helps. I've not experimented yet, but mens razors may be better designed for avoiding ingrowns and bumps. I think number of blades makes a difference too. Also I use lotion (eucerin) everyday to keep skin softer and try to exfoliate when I remember.

  • Grace123456


    I pluck or shave my facial and neck hairs. I’ve done professional waxing and threading but it’s too much to keep up with going to get it done. I’m also hoping to get electrolysis for facial and neck hairs one day.

  • ked138


    I use the Ingrown Hair serum and wipes from European Wax center almost daily and they’ve helped a ton!!!! They have a few good sales which really helps!

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