Hey y'all... was on 25mg of Zoloft for 2 weeks and got it raised a week ago to 50 mg. I am diagnosed with anxiety and depression and my psych is thinking I might have Premenstrual disporhic disprder. I am able to make it through my 8 hr work day, but when I get home I'm exhausted. I lay down and then find it absolutely very difficult to get up out of bed again. I'm not really falling asleep during these "naps" and I have a hard time falling to sleep later too. Does the exhaustion and lack of motivation go away? I am in need of some reassurance.



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  • Graciebee


    Are you taking it in the morning? When I started taking Zoloft it made me tired and completely messed up my sleep schedule but then I started taking it at night and the tiredness was all fixed.

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