How do you get past the feeling of being watched? I want to go outside but am so /so/ scared. i feel like thousands of eyes are on me even when nobody is around. It causes me to have public panic attacks that past for hours.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Angie


    Going out for the first few times with someone you trust, so you could tell him how you feel and think- and let him share how he sees everything. If that doesn’t work out I guess that CBT could be helpful

  • Dracaryssa


    I like to feel physically prepared with pepper spray in case someone threatens my safety. Otherwise, I will just wear very comfortable plain clothes that cover most of my body and I will have my phone ready to contact someone if I feel unsafe.

  • WolfieEm


    Honestly, telling yourself that no one cares. In reality, no one is looking at you much less are they judging you. It may sound blunt, but being blunt with myself has helped me.

  • Crow


    @wolfie ive learned that too. My fear comes back time to time depending on the environment but sometimes i remember, no one cares. They see me they will forget they saw me when they get home. I was just a passing person. Or maybe they liked my outfit or i looked familiar. Its still a lil uncomfy but if they wanna talk theyll talk. They never do so i know im fine! Never see em again.

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