I’ve recently been diagnosed with Bipolar depression. I think I’ve had it my whole life so finding treatment for it at 20 frustrates me. Looking back at all the signs from back when I was a kid and the clearly manic episode I had a few years ago is bittersweet since I know I could have (should have) received help. The important thing is that I’m here now and learning more about as the days pass.
Medication has been very new to me. My new doctor started me on Prozac since neither of us knew I’m bipolar and it triggered a manic episode. I haven’t been able to see my doctor since I was prescribed so I’ve been tapering myself off of it instead of received something new. Which medications have helped you guys and what were the side effects you experienced? I know it’s different for everybody but I’d like to know what I’m getting into.

I’ve also been very curious about psychosis. I’ve heard things that couldn’t have been there (gunshots in the distance and a woman crying out my bf’s name but I checked the news and nothing had happened) but I don’t believe I’ve seen things yet except for sleep paralysis.

Thank you everybody.

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  • Mosey


    I relate, I got diagnosed right before I turned 19 but looking back I had symptoms at 12. Psychosis is not something I’ve experienced when depressed but I have had it when manic. You become very disconnected from reality, and if someone tries to dispute your delusions then you get angry. I usually don’t remember much of my psychosis and just know what people tell me afterwards. When manic you’re too “high” for lack of a better word to really be scared of what’s happening. You tend to just get really angry or happy in response to delusions or hallucinations.

  • Alinaa


    That’s exactly what it feels like, Mosey.

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