okay so i went to the er a couple years ago and they told me i had tachycardia but it’s always off and on. recently i stopped smoking bc my heart rate would get to 180+. Last week i got sick and now my heart rate gets high just from me standing up and i feel out of breath laying down, my mom thinks it’s just anxiety telling me i can’t breathe and i kind of agree with her, i just don’t know how to tell myself it’s anxiety and get out of my head

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  • Gina1998


    The first thing I do when my heart rate picks up is taking deep slow breaths. When you breathe very slow and calmly, your heart rate will follow and slow down. It also helps me sometimes to slowly count things to take my mind off it

  • jellypeanut


    I have been to the ER with multiple episodes of tachycardia. (I only go if it gets to what I consider unmanageable, around 200+). With my tachycardia I always feel a dip in energy; constantly tired & out of breathe too. I have had multiple family members talk to me thinking that it is caused by anxiety. I don’t consider myself a very “anxious” person, but I would say I’m a worrier. It can be scary sometimes having a condition like ours & feeling this way. I’m also worried about treating this anxiety with medication in fear of what it will be like with tachycardia. I hope it gets better for you!

    • TheCrowMuse


      Hi guys, I also thought my tachy was just anxiety but after getting a doctor that was willing to look into it, she referred me for a halter monitor and it turns out that my average resting heart rate was 112, with spikes as high as 204 (just normal activity). It never hurts to ask, and it would help you rule out anxiety. Mine was for 15 days and nobody can stay anxious for 15 days while sleeping or hanging out on the couch. Also, my high heart rate was making me anxious, creating a viscous cycle that anxiety meds could barely touch. Now I'm taking a higher dose of propanolol and my symptoms are much better, as is my anxiety! Hope this helps, best of luck ❤️

      • TunaGoon


        This was me a few years ago. I'm working with both Neurology and Cardiology together now. I hope you can find someone to look into it for you OP

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