my mom wants me to switch to my dad's anxiety/depression meds but i've been on this one already for a few years


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  • howdyy


    That sounds stressful and I think that if you already have a medication that’s helping you in the ways you were looking for there’s no need to switch when you are doing good with what you have! If it’s not supplying the treatment you had hoped for then it may be a good idea to look into other options or get a swab test to see what meds work best for you! Hope this was helpful!

  • div


    Thats tough. One kind of medication might work for one person but not another even if its in the same family.

  • Foxglove


    Ultimately only your medical provider should be making these decisions. Consult with your Dr. They went to school for this and messing with neurochemistry can be very dangerous. Everyone is individual so if what you are on is working and your Dr. does not think you should switch then ultimately your mothers wishes will not be fulfilled. If she is not writing your prescription then she has no control over what you are being prescribed.

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