Should I continue with nerve blocks and rhizotomy procedures or try to go about healing my body another way, say diet, alternative supplements and exercise? This condition has me so miserable but i feel there has to be things we can do besides burning the nerves out..?

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  • Beast


    I would encourage you to do both if you can. Nerve blocks have worked great for me in the past (just make sure you hydrate afterwards!), but diet and exercise also play a big role.

  • Jewels18


    If you have done conservative treatment such as the ablations, and blocks and physical therapy, I would suggest seeing a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine surgery and have surgery. As scary as it seems, it’s not too bad and it will rid of your symptoms almost immediately. I had one last year Jan 2021 and it helped! I had spinal stenosis herniated discs and hypertrophic facet joints. Be careful with having too many ablations tho as this can cause neuromas which will cause their own kind of pain. Have you done physical therapy? Working on core strengthening and glute exercises helps take load off the spine. As far as supplements, B vitamins and any anti inflammatory vitamins.

  • Spoonie


    Not sure if this would offer any help but I saw a neurosurgeon earlier this week and he advised me to not go for any more pain management procedures (have had six total) and try another 4-6 weeks of physical therapy before we finalize the plans for surgery. The way he put it to me was "you definitely will need surgery but it's just a matter of when"

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