I was just diagnosed with Lyme disease one week ago. I don’t know much about it other than that it’s a bacterial infection that I’m on antibiotics for. I have lots of pain all over and I’m wondering is this a lifelong disease or should it improve?

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Lyme Disease

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  • QuinnS


    Lymes has “flares” and “dormant periods”. The antibiotics put the disease back to sleep so you don’t experience the symptoms so much or as often at least

  • Zonnie


    My lyme doctor told me that it goes away after treatment, but I think Quinns is right because my cousin has been going to him for ten years. I'm at the beginning of treatment though, so it's just continuous symptoms. I wish you luck!

  • QuinnS


    Yeah some people experience what Zonnie is saying about continuous flares when being treated. If symptoms reduce then suddenly have a super bad time with it during treatment it’s called a Herxheimer. Which is good but also sucks

  • Nila


    I had spent thousands of dollars on treating LD , no result whatsoever, I could say I’m worse. You have to check for mold and other Enviromental factors or healing is not gonna happen , no matter what

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