Hi I have been experiencing extreme nausea and it's been getting harder and harder to deal with it. It's gotten to the point if I don't take an anti nausea pill in the morning I get sick. Do any of you guys experience this as well? What do you guys do? I'm trying to get my doctor to listen but it's hard

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  • Lady_Yahh


    Yes! Sometimes a little nauseous but not severe. It comes and goes. For example with the medication in morning and at night I still feel nauseous. I just let it pass while resting with a warm heating pad on my stomach. Sometimes the old trick works a little bit better with warm Ginger Ale or tea.

  • maddus


    mint is a big help for me, gum or altoids for when i’m out and about and can’t go home and sleep

  • annabananana


    I just ordered some nausea bands from amazon for the same reason

  • BastBeloved


    I threw up bile/water/mucus every day for close to 10 years - a blend of Dicyclomine, anti-anxiety meds & THC gummies have helped so much I’m down to getting sick maybe once a week.

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