how do you deal with days where clothes hurt ?

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  • Reesa


    Become a nudist. Seriously though, Those days I stay home and indulge in self care. I take baths, sit in the sun, read, etc. I've noticed that my pain triggers are things like: sleep disruption, stress, or just over doing it. Any way I look at it, I probably need to slow down. What triggers your pain?

  • E11iefant


    Satin sheets satin sheets satin sheets! Also look for seamless and stretchy clothing for those flare days :)

    • Reesa


      do satin sheets really help that much? I may have to invest

  • wise


    Don't wear them. Seriously. Lock every door, shut every window, and do not wear clothes. You can also try wearing them inside out so the seams aren't rubbing on your skin or wearing a soft scarf as a skirt or halter top sorta thing

    • ivylyn


      love skirts(flowing light weight) oversized t-shirts. I too wear my clothes inside out. Fleece pants are the best ever!

  • Kijo



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