I want to know if asthma is curable. I don’t know anyone in my family who has this condition except for me. I don’t know if I developed it from smoking or allergies or both but I’ve only had symptoms for about 5 years.


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  • Bearnh


    Asthma can be from a number of environmental . If the source is from pollen, particulates in the air, pet dander , etc. Removing these sources can eliminate many of the symptoms. Certain types of asthma can’t be cured but managed through a number of common inhaled asthma medications Good link from Mayo Clinic

  • Asdasiae


    Mine has gone into actual copd, so im not so sure about a cure. Everyone's case is different

  • lizzie3


    im actually in the same boat, im unsure if i developed it from smoking or allergies. feels less lonely knowing im not the only person with this issue

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