Has anyone else smoked marijuana to help with their anxiety and/or insomnia? I have & I still do. Personality, it works wonders for me, especially for sleeping.

Anxiety (Including GAD)




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  • MrFwarta


    THC gives me anxiety. CBD works better for me personally.

  • PugsSlugsSnails


    I was using it for months and months. Now I am using tramadol for pain management and I don’t want them to interact. It often made me a tad anxious but also often helped so idk 🤷‍♀️

  • ChaosWithin


    CBD gives me panic attacks. It's so weird. But everybody is different.

  • Bugaboo


    Using it has changed my life for the better! I still require medication for sleep and it can give me anxiety if I let it, but it's amazing for me in MANY ways

  • Nik10


    I feel that marijuana increases my anxiety. After smoking, I have a kind of anxiety attack. Happy for you that it helps you.

  • salsadancer53


    weed works wonders for me!

  • CannabisAndChiari


    Cannabis has greatly improved my overall quality of life for sure. It helps me with appetite, muscle tension, gives me energy/ creative bug, helps with sleep, anxiety, depression and more. It's not a cure all but it definitely helps ease symptoms. Experimenting with different strains and products definitely was the key for me. Cannabis syrup is by far my favorite for pain relief.

  • sarbair23


    I put off trying weed for YEARS because I didn't want it to be the one thing that actually helped my anxiety. Now I wish I had tried it sooner cause it's helped me with my anxiety, insomnia, and appetite!

  • vampirechist


    I have my medical card for my back issues but I can't smoke at work or when I'm watching my son because of my anxiety but for my pain management its been the best thing for me

  • LittleKitten


    I'm smoking right now actually. It helps a lot. I couple smoking and taking my Medications and it seems to work wonders. Still don't have all of the right combo yet, but I'm not giving up.

  • TeddyBoi


    I got my medical card and I'm also on 8 other controlled substances/narcotics and a plethora of other medications. But smoking does help alot.

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