Anyone's hyperfocus also hunting and peeling split ends? I've been doing it since highschool on and off, but it has recently gotten harder to ignore the impulses. I am trying using scissors to cut the splits and then pull them apart after so it doesn't damage the full strand.

Trichotillomania (TTM)

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  • shadowmyth


    Mine is similar, I pull the hairs with split ends out and have to touch them and count how many times it’s split and run my fingers over it, really weird I know, and sometimes I’ll just break them off. My biggest thing is finding the super coarse hairs and pulling them out and rubbing the full strand down several times, and it’s hard to put the strand down.

    • SecretFrog


      ah the coarse ones. Yep.

    • Heatherbee


      yes, I get so many endorphins running my fingers across the coarse ones. Lol

  • SecretFrog


    Yessss!!!! Till my fingers hurt.

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