Anybody throwing up everything they eat but still gaining a ton of weight? It’s miserable.

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)



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  • DancingZebra


    I’ve been struggling with that as well. The only thing that helps me is avoiding carbs and/or gluten.

  • Warrior96


    I have type 1 diabetes too so it’s like a struggle trying to eat some carbs to balance my sugar but not gain weight. And then sometimes ice cream is all i can hold down which I’m sure adds to the weight. It’s just so frustrating. Someone said “wow, i thought you’d be a lot skinnier with you being sick.” But i do seriously get sick after everything. I also have pcos and hypothyroidism. Ugh sorry. I’m just venting. I just want to lose weight healthily and feel better about myself.

    • xxARYN420xx


      I've put on 20lbs in 2 months but I'm severely malnourished ... I'm living on ice cream , peanut butter m&m's , and ensure ... I've been craving a loaded salad for over a yr now

  • LaurElizabeth


    Sameeee here!

  • LaurElizabeth


    I hate it! similar I have pcos and I need to see a endocrinologist for my thyroid asap as I been getting mixed blood work results and think have autoimmune issues - my gastroparesis got significantly better when I changes meds and now I am eating better which almost scares me in a way since I just want to lose as well and feel healthier 😥

  • MissErica


    Been there, but you can get your life back under control!! The problem is digestion so only eat foods that are easy to digest. Soups,smoothies l, baby food. Absolutely no high fibers, wheats, or regular vegetables, as they are hard for your body to digest. Drink lots of water, exercise, and make sure your b.m. is regular. I used to buy natural laxatives from Whole Foods when times got tough.

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