anyone finding success in using cannabis to manage mental health and chronic pain issues?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • skye


    I have. But it's easy to abuse it, too. It's definitely something to think about

  • Jadie


    I have and its worked wonders. When treating medical issues it really matters what you are smoking though. I have cPTSD and I found things with CBGA has been helpful in targeting the anxiety (its another form of CBD). I also use CBD and THC for chronic pain. Without any form of the cbd stuff I dont get too much benefit though other than either relaxation or helping ADHD. Indica helps me sleep and stay a bit hungry as I have low appetite but there are multiple types. Cannibis is a drug obviously so like other drugs a doctor would give its best to do research yourself and consider pros and cons. If you have a safe person you can smoke with that is also the best thing to do starting out as some people just respond poorly to it. Also, it not concrete but i find flowers affects body and dabs affect mental more so the way you smoke can also matter.

  • CherryBunny


    Yes. Especially indica strains with low THC and high CBD I find helpful.

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