I'm not sure how to feel with the events that have been occurring in my life. my relationship is no longer in a good place. I'm feeling like I cannot talk to my partner anymore. like the attention that was once so attentive is no longer there. and I'm just feeling so alone. I don't even think my partner has noticed a difference in my behavior. I'm just feeling really down right now and it sucks because our communication and our connection used to be spot on 💔


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  • Eddie01


    That... sounds exactly like me in my relationship.. honestly I just brought it up to her, yeah it made the night awkward but she reassured me that we were ok and she's just bad at texting. Honestly I think I've just made it out of the honeymoon phase and me being me I just don't know what to do, communication almost always fixes everything if both people are willing to talk, I really hope you figure this out!

  • Jazzmin87


    I definitely have felt this way in the past. But a really good, calm discussion on how I'm feeling fixed a lot of that. We still need to revisit the subject from time to time but open dialogue definitely helps him understand where I'm coming from. I do hope things improve for u and ur partner.

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