I'm afraid... I finally told my mother about all the trauma they have given me and she started screaming at me about how I got those LIES from my aunt. which is complete bs and when I told her that she said that she did nothing. she grew up in a house filled with yelling, so I said I did as well bc I did and she said no I didn't. then we got into an argument about how I was never allowed out of the fucking house and how I should have been in a public school and she won't stop yelling. please help im scared.

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  • NeedsRealHelp


    First off wtf, if your under 18 do you have ANY and I mean any family members that you could stay with or even a friends house and report your mother. You should never feel scared like she might hurt you physically, I'm a parent, myoldest daughter is 23 and my youngest boy is 3 and I have a 7yr old boy as well, they are my second family. I wasn't the best parent to my oldest, I was a child though(and I know to some that's not an excuse bcus I did it to my self by not being safe,but still I was a child) I was 14 when I got pregnant and 15 when I had her and let me tell you, it was the hardest thing I ever did. A baby having a baby, thank God for my mother who loved me through all of it and helped me every step of the way for the first 5 yrs of my daughter's life before I moved out for the first time. And you better believe I fucked up, but that's why when you know better you do better. Even if that has to be forced onto some people. It gives them a choice to either clean up their shit or walk away. The courts don't play nowadays about abuse. I also hate to say that it might even be better for you to be in foster care if you are a minor, 1. they will help you stay safe from your abuser, 2. They will help you get you're learners permit or driver's license and help you pay for any fines you have keeping you from getting those also, like court costs if you had gotten into trouble or something 3. If you turn 18 in foster are they will help you with transitional services like housing and pay for college, most states will pay for a 4 yr college if you turn 18 in foster care. 4. They will help you with insurance so you can get the trauma counseling you probably need. And help you navigate your benefits of the health insurance and help set up appointments and transportation to said appointments. Idk I know no one wants to call the police on their parent, but you don't deserve to be abused you deserve a fucking chance to grow up in a safe and loving environment. Just saying. I hope you are OK and if you want to talk message me.😥❤️

    • Max_F


      I wasn't afraid of being hit I was just afraid I don't know how to describe it. Also there is no proof they did any of it so it would rn my word against theirs, I also love them it's just they don't show it well sometimes. It is really tough but I can't just leave them like that.

  • Schiele


    I haven’t been in nearly as volatile a place as you, but a few years ago I confronted my mom about a fraction of how I felt living with her and she broke down crying and didn’t apologize for anything. We tip toe around the subject now, and I know confronting her further will only either have her deny it or throw it back on me saying I should’ve done something different to make her raise me better. Point is, it didn’t really do anything. I’m so sorry that your mom is being aggressive towards your attempt to get her to own up to her bad behavior, but if this is how she responds it may be worth thinking about cutting her off. NeedsRealHelp has a good point about trying to find other family, and I have no clue how the legal system works, but if you’re still a ways from 18 I’d absolutely try to find a way to escape her because she will only continue yelling and putting you against other family members (like trying to convince you that your aunt is lying about the behavior she’s literally exhibiting). If you’re 18 or over though, then it’s in theory easier to get out and you should definitely consider getting out and blocking her sooner rather than later. If she’s going to continue traumatising you then she doesn’t deserve to be in your life until she can decide whether you’re worth more than the lies she tells herself so she can sleep at night.

    • Max_F


      I am well under 18, but like I said earlier in NeedsRealHelp's comment I can't just leave them, I do love them and I know they love me, but I think they forget sometimes.

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