So, I have tried doing kegels to strengthen my pelvic floor but the problem I have is that when I do them even for a bit, I start to get turned on 😆 And in that moment I don't want that. I have the 'eggs' you put in your vagina, but what do you guys think that have tried the 'eggs'? Have they helped or no?

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  • Lissa


    I haven’t tried that. I have a tilted uterus but I’ve never tired the eggs to strength it. But lol I don’t think it would make you less turned on when you do it 😂

  • scurrly2


    😆🤣 kegel exercises it is! I'm celibate 💝🤣

  • CraftyMama


    You're increasing focus to that area and making a conscious effort to move muscles, which increase blood flow so getting aroused would be normal.

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