So question: I am not a big cat person and I don't like cats too much because I am allergic to their dander. I like to tell people that if you have a cat, it's fine but that cat is their responsibility and not mine. I can not be around more than 3 cats at a time. More than 3 will cause my allergies to act up and that is an unconfortable experience for me. I just simply just want to be comfortable and not deal with my allergies on a regular basis. Am I wrong here?

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  • j_Bug


    is there a certain situation you're wondering about? because just in general not being a cat person is of course not a bad thing

    • Redvelninja


      Well, since you've asked, I had a guy friend told me that he owns 7 cats and I said that's 5 too many and he basically was looking at me funny as if I just lost my mind. I told him that basically, I'm allergic to cat dander and if he ever decided that he wanted to roomate with me it was fine but to keep no more than 2 cats at a time because of my allergies. He apparently didn't understand cat dander so I just said cats to simplify it. I just am not sure if saying my opinion on keepings cats as pets as not favorable to me because of my allergies was wrong to say to people who keep cats as pets or to cat people.

      • j_Bug


        oh nah I think that's perfectly reasonable to say that you can't live with 7 cats, or to say that you aren't a fan of cats. if you got weird vibes from him it may have been if he wasn't thinking of a roommate situation, he would have been confused about that angle on the convo. but nothing wrong on either side here!

      • sydsaenz


        it just doesn't seem very necessary to talk about how you are not a cat person or to talk about your allergy unless you were actually planning on moving in with this guy which if that's the case I think you should reconsider because most people won't just get rid of their pets they're a part of the family and we love our pets lol

      • Neuco


        I mean, is there an imminent plan of moving in with him? Or did you come out of no where telling him that he has too many cats and he would have to get rid of them if you moved in together? Because those are two entirely different situations. Either way, you're probably better not rooming with him anyway. People love their pets, they're part of the family. Forcing him to get rid of any of them will either not occur or will cause a lot of resentment. Also, it's not your allergies that make you not a cat person (most cat people have cat allergies in my experience, including myself), you just don't like cats. Which is totally your perogative. But it's not the allergy.

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