is anyone else super hard on themselves when they make a mistake? i notice that when i make a mistake i cannot control my own emotions and i just spiral down into a self-hate train and i can’t shake the ugly, negative instrusive thoughts i get. i consider myself an HSP and i become extremely toxic and hateful towards myself if i make a mistake or get scolded.

does anyone have a way to avoid this or cope with it? i know i could def work on my emotional intelligence bc it’s gotten out of hand.

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  • RaineLense


    i do, ive learned its from adults during childhood and teenage years shaming alot for mistakes that were perfectly normal for a kid but they made me think it wasn't, takes healing and reminding yourself mistakes happens and reassurance to unlearn stuff youve been taught alot. what i do at least is try to listen to music that goes along with what im feeling to help feel it out, and ride it in a way that helps get it out without physically getting overwhelmed, at work it can feel bad but let the manager or someone in charge know you need to step away, find any secluded place to breath and do what helps, sometimes what can also help is if theres a smell or material you like, to have something small of it to keep with you to touch or smell to feel happier or calmer, essential oils, a small candle, wax cube, cut out little piece of blanket, etc.

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