So I moved into my grandparents house months ago (maybe around February of this year??) Bc my parents were very strict on me even if I was 18. My grandparents fed me extremely well when I first moved in… I was gaining weight! And I was happy!!until they said that they needed to lose weight… and that there is food in the fridge for me to eat…
The problem with that is…
1.) I don’t know how to cook.
2.) They get upset when I use some of the food.. bc they wanted it?
3.) I’m too awkward to tell them I’m hungry bc they are old…
4.) I don’t like getting in other peoples fridge… even tho I’ve been living there for months.
I’m looking for an apartment… but I can’t drive… so I need it to be close to my job.
I don’t wanna return to my parents… bc they are bad for my mental health.
When I moved in I weighed 145…. Now I’m back down to 110… I don’t know if my body can take it anymore. I’m tired of eating snacks.. I want real food lol. My appetite is getting worse and worse too… I never know when I’m hungry now… until it’s night time… by then I can’t cook, bc they’re bedroom is right next to the kitchen.


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  • Gun.ray


    I’m sorry 💕 I can definitely relate to this. Living alone my eating habits are so much better, I live with family now and trying to eat or cook around them makes me extremely anxious. And I can’t drive either so I’m a bit stuck a lot of the time. I think moving is a great idea if it’s possible. Good luck

  • MissWilwarin


    Buy your own food and learn how to cook easy recipes.

  • aries02


    I know it can be scary at first, but learning to cook it a great skill and can even be really fun! It’s actually a coping mechanism for a lot of people. Maybe ask your grandparents to show you how to make some of the meals you like- it could be a good bonding experience and help you feel less awkward in the house! Hope everything goes well for you 💕

  • Ella101


    It’s so easy to learn how to cook. YouTube tutorials and try it. That’s the only way.

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