Do y’all ever feel like you’re faking your mental disorders even though you’ve been diagnosed with them

Psychogenic non epileptic seizure

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  • malks


    People used to tell me my anxiety was just nerves then I started having trouble breathing ppl said I was overreacting wasn't funny

  • House_l



  • Marceline2005


    all the time

  • breadbored


    Yes especially when people expect me to cope with it or "work through it" the same way they have. It's different for everyone. I can't treat my anxiety disorder the same way I treat being nervous about something. I'm sick, not just dramatic.

    • signature_sauce


      i was expected to go into work while having seizures and it definitely made me feel less worthy of my emotions

  • mynewfriend


    Yes, even after 20+ years of treatment. It's usually because of the ridiculous opinions of other people. Or, very specific to my bipolar disorder, part of my mood swings. Anyway, you are not alone in this!

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