hi, im cat. i've been dealing with major depression for many years now. im always looking for new ways to cope, more activities to do, stuff like that!


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  • ChillaxinEskimo


    One thing I did for a while to help me cope was meditating. Not the stereotypical legs crossed and humming to yourself, but sitting in a comfortable spot or chair, breathing in and out slowly and deeply, and letting my mind relax. It helped me process my thoughts and emotions a lot easier. I think it can help you gain focus on your inner mind and how to process things easier. I can go into more detail if needed

  • loveshespoke


    I find it really helpful to find something to do with your hands. Get into gardening, art, crocheting, anything that takes you away from technology, out of your head, and gives you something tactile to focus on.

    • slothtastic36


      i love crocheting, it’s something to do with my hands so that i don’t start picking! i also have a lot of fidget toys that i use while i watch tv or listen to podcasts so that my hands aren’t idle, similar to what loveshespoke said it gives me something tactile to focus on

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