how do I establish routines? how do I make them stick? how do I do all the normal things everyone else I know seems to do without thinking? I'm so scattered and so exhausted all the time because I get so worked up and I'm just not stable. I don't know where to start.

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  • Hallo


    I ask myself these same three questions everyday if not hourly it feels like and it’s a miserable feeling… 😥 I don’t have the perfect answers, just want you to know you’re not alone in these frustrations for what it’s worth ❤️ Therapy (specifically IFS- Internal Family Systems and EMDR therapy) has been a huge help in my healing and treatment, if you’re not already seeing someone I would start there if it’s possible and available to you. Also, remember to give yourself some love - I know, I know, easier said than done - as hard as it is, I have learned the hard way that showing compassion to your mind, soul, and body goes a long way and can calm down the internal chaos to create space for these unmet needs…such as establishing routines which will provide a feeling of stability and accomplishment… Lastly, start with the small things my friend - even if that looks like starting with brushing your teeth everyday/night, start there! Or leaving a full cup/bottle of water on your nightstand every night so every morning you’re reminded to drink water first thing and stay hydrated throughout the day..silly but that is one thing that seemed to stick for me a couple months ago. Nothing is too small, you will slip up because unfortunately it does take time/effort to establish habits and nobody is perfect, and when you do…you’ll be gentle, forgive yourself and try again…a woman told me about a year ago, “doing something poorly is better than doing nothing at all..if that means just walking to the mailbox everyday, well that’s better than no movement all day…” took me some time to accept that but on my worst days it helps me with the whole self compassion thing I’m working on 😏 Prayers and warm thoughts going out to you 🙏 ❤️ Keep holding on!

  • canoli


    I feel that too. It hurts but trying to just do little things helps alot. If I totally give in to negative feelings I'm very quickly suicidal. I had no idea that ptsd was so horrible. It started about 6 years ago and I'm still learning to cope. Keep talking, it helps.

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