so, I've had a tilt table test. the lab said "accentuated orthostatic tachycardia" and my heart rate really went up and stayed up, but the neurologist who ordered the test said it can't be POTS because my blood pressure never dropped and if anything went up a point.
I can't find anything in the literature that says lack of BP drop means it's not tachycardia...he says I just have really bad anxiety and I must have panicked during the test but I was sweating and nauseous and everything. is he right or am I being gaslit by yet another doctor?

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  • Lunarr


    To my understanding POTS doesn't have to involve BP changes. Like,, it certainly can, some folks have orthostatic hyper or hypotension, but the diagnosis only has to do with heart rate (increased by 30+ BPM within 10 minutes of standing). Doctors love to blame everything on mental health because it's easier so I would say try and get a second opinion bc this guy seems not to know what he's talking about. Also, if your heartrate didn't increase by that much then you might have another form of dysautonomia that isn't POTS. All very poorly understood by most medical professionals, unfortunately. I would recommend you see a cardiologist if you haven't already, that's how I got my diagnosis

    • SmileySnail


      my heart rate went up by at least 40 BPM and stayed that high for the full hour long test until they tilted me back down. I was thinking that was pretty clear until the neuro said that the lack of blood pressure drop meant it was just anxiety. Thanks so much for your response, I'll be looking to find somebody else

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