Why does nobody care about my cry for help?


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  • Kiwi_Fuzz


    I'm sorry you haven't found someone who will be there for you I understand what that's like if you wanna talk I'm down to listen.

  • DandelionFairy


    If you mean people in your life who you have known for a while, rather than just met on this app, then my guess is they do care. But caring and knowing how to help or what to say is very different. I suffer from bad depression spells, but I still struggle with showing those around me who are depressed that I do care and helping them to feel cared about. I'm sorry you are suffering. You are not alone. You are cared about.

  • romdam


    I always get the same generic reply but nobody actually wants to talk. I'm here, I'll chat. But nobody body does or wants.

  • Skye29


    I feel that. I've been there and it's really hard. It's easy for people to ignore subtle signs because they want to believe everyone is ok. I think most of the time if you communicate directly that you need support they are more than willing to help you. If you feel uncomfortable doing that which I totally understand feel free to message me! I would love to help

  • Pixie_lol


    I feel you

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