I have such bad bloating all the time but I have no idea what I can consistently take as a supplement to keep it down. I've tried mint tea but I can't always make it. I literally woke up this morning with a flat stomach, I drank a cup of cranberry juice and a couple minutes later I ballooned out. thanks for listening everyone, and tell me any suggestions you have!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Alicia4475


    I have pretty much the same's hard to eat a lot of the times bc the trapped gas is so bad. The bloating makes my back hurt too. I don't know if my anxiety causes ibs or my ibs is causing my anxiety/depression

    • Afsara


      it’s a cycle, each one affects the other.

  • sabbymer


    Yeah I have this problem. I'm still trying to figure out what my belly even wants.

  • Cece7


    Have you tried to go without dairy in your diet and see if you’re lactose intolerant as well? My doctor told me I have IBS as well but I found out on top of that that lactose intolerance was a huge issue for me and I had no idea I just thought it was apart of the IBS. I’d definitely recommend that if you haven’t tried already. I feel a lot better now without it in my diet.

  • mynewfriend


    I opted to try the low FODMAP diet to figure out what triggers which IBS symptoms. I'm reintroducing foods now and my gut is doing much better. It's a tedious process but well in worth it. I'm working with a dietician but this approach can be self guided too. I know also added, at my dietician's advice, a gentle in probiotic and fiber supplement. Let me know if you'd like more info about any of that!

  • hazyeclipse


    I have this problem too. I haven't been able to eat or drink anything in 5 years without it bloating me like a balloon. Let us know if you do find anything that helps. It really sucks

  • Birdies


    ^^^ stretchy pants all day every day

  • Hollybelle


    I have such a different in waist size based on bloat. What fits loose in the morning may be digging in hurting 2 hrs later. I gave up regular pants. Jeggings are my best friend.

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