What is your intention with having this app?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • poodlelover28


    Help others in need, vent when I need to, and make friends if I can

  • MaddieHatter19


    To talk to people that might understand what I'm going through. To gain a sense of belonging.

  • anemone


    commiserate, relate, assist. occasionally just vent or ask for advice. more than anything, i've been using the app to track my conditions, because i always forget some when i'm being made to list them out. i'm not really a friends person, so i'm happy with the extra level of distance between me and what feels like a smaller community, and the anonymity helps too. feels like i can be more of myself without being associated so heavily with a "brand" - name, face, imagery, etc. sure as hell Not here for unsolicited advice in my dms, at least not when i don't get asked first if i'm open to it, and especially not here to be told "face it, you're on this app for advice honey, if you don't like my opinion why the hell are you here? guess you'd rather wallow" when i don't accept it. nah. would rather vent without unqualified strangers deciding all my physical and mental problems will be solved with ~this one simple trick~! and coming to me in private to tell me so, then make offensive assumptions and take out their frustrations on me... report button saves lives

  • RogueDream


    To find others who can relate and understand what I am experiencing and to hopefully make a friendship where we have mutual understanding on what we go through because I’ve never had that before

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