i hate being hypersexual. I come off too strong and lose every guy and girl I talk to. I got onto a sexual topic about things I was into with my ex s/o and she just said, "haha lmao" and changed the subject, I loved her but she couldn't fulfill what I needed. I also, before her, had a guy and we were pretty chill but I got comfortable around him and started discussing stuff and he ghosted me and only recently started talking to me again, we were fwb but he said I was too sexual. I had another guy way before this who was also kind of sexual but we never dated, we were really close and had been friends for a long while. my relationship of 1 1/2, we were super sexual. phone se* every night, pics, and dirty talk, but he left me for someone else, even though we were both hypersexual and liked the same things. how can I not be so sexual? it ruins all of my relationships and friendships, like it's really annoying. I can't stop myself, please help me. I'm tired of losing people I'm close to bc I am too sexual and come off to strong.i cant have any desired relationships :/

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Sexual and gender identity disorders

Chronic Headache

Adjustment Disorder

Excessive sexual drive

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