One thing I have always struggled with is that I get so nauseous. The only thing that helps is eating more food and not healthy food but something with carbs in it. Anyone else?

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  • Bernie7


    yes! Sometimes eating foods w carbs helps me too

  • bananaz


    Love my carbs too 💕 rice pasta is my go-to or corn tortilla chips. Salt somehow helps? And potatoes 🥔🥰 nothin better than some roasted spuds

  • slothtastic36


    yes nausea is one of my main symptoms! i also like plain carby foods (usually tortilla chips) as well as sucking on life saver mints. i also use alka seltzer gum, which has been a godsend for me since i hate the texture of tums and can’t do the dissolvable tablets because carbonation makes my symptoms so much worse. zofran also helps me when it gets super severe, but that one needs a prescription

  • loveshespoke


    Please, PLEASE don't worry about the health value of whatever you need to feel better - your body is asking for it, you need it, and you feel better for it. That is all you need to know.

  • Kaislyn


    I used to get so nauseous all the time and my doctor prescribed me zofran and famotidine! Those were a huge help and I still use them as needed now! I also learned that my anxiety would cause a great deal of my nausea because of the brain gut connection! I went on anxiety meds and that helped a great deal as well!

  • anna.owo


    I deal with severe nausea every day (it’s getting better tho which is awesome) but in my case, if I start to flare up, for some reason eating really fatty foods (even tho I try to not eat them) like a burger or anything else greasy like,,, resets my stomach! I definitely love carbs too. It’s so strange to me how our bodies can work sometimes :,)

  • beccars


    Me too salt and vinegar chips or saltines or olives from gas station. Carbs help don't feel bad. Also seltzer water or seven up.

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