I am AMAB and have shave my face every single day and it’s so exhausting because i have to stare at my face for so long, noticing all of my masculine features. I also shave everything from the neck down and it really makes me uncomfortable because every time, it’s a reminder that no matter what I do, the hair will always grow back in a day or two. How do you guys deal with this?

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  • glimmyglam


    Clothes; I just shave my face but wear long sleeves and jeans not the best solution but it's one lol

  • kinokokingdom


    try to turn shaving into a gender affirming experience. associate it w femininity (or androgyny if you prefer) instead of masculinity. especially if you shave your legs! i really like painting my nails but get dysphoric about it so i turned it around from "nail polish is feminine" to "yes baby blue nail polish is so masculine and manly" and it helped me a ton

  • entendre


    my ex would always make it a really nice ritual with her aromatherapy diffuser, hot steam, and really pretty razors with fancy nice-smelling shaving cream :)

  • dogdad13


    You could try waxing, it would at least make it so it takes a bit long to grow back but the downside is you have to wait for it to grow back a bit before you'd be able to wax again. There's also color correcting makeup techniques that help hide stubble when it comes in

  • JuliaCaesar


    I often wear a mask. If I shaved every day I'd break out. I suggest it op!

  • Kitsune77


    Electrolysis when you can save enough also look into beard cover makeup as well as face feminizing makeup and ffs

  • JuliaCaesar


    Several of my friends on hormones have seen a great reduction in facial and body hair so, wait until after you start to decide on laser hair removal or electrolysis. It's VERY expensive.

  • PupMicah


    Waxing body hair makes it stay away longer. Downside is a bit of pain.

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