Hi! I’ve been dealing with things without a doctor for a few years now (I don’t have insurance currently and money is a bit of a struggle but I’m in a place where I can finally make some appointments soon), and it’s been on the difficult side to manage. Other than regular showering and lotion, what are good ways to relieve pain and discomfort from dry irritated skin? It gets horrible if I don’t shower and lotion every single day, and it’s tiring to deal with.

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  • LuminousMax


    Have you tried using vaseline, petroleum jelly, or any other ointment/cream in place of lotion? They’re more effective and less irritating than lotions. They helped a lot with managing my eczema (atopic dermatitis).

    • Rice_Pudding


      Oh yes actually! I’ve only been using Vaseline or cocoa butter, works a lot better than lotions for sure. My one and only complaint is that it takes so long to soak in lol

  • scarletfire


    Hi friend ✨ sorry you are dealing with skin issues, I know it must be frustrating especially since you deal with it everyday and your skin is such a large part of your body. I don’t know if you are like super itchy but I found this Aveeno restorative skin therapy itch relief balm that I really like for putting on like itchy patches I sometimes get. It has a external analgesic in it that is supposed to help relieve pain. Also usually I think it’s advised if you do have really dry skin not to shower every day but if you do make sure you don’t take super hot showers because that can be more drying and damaging to sensitive skin. Moisturizing right after you shower also helps your skin retain moisture. I would also make sure you are using a fragrance free and gentle body wash or cleanser as well. As far as other like topical things - I would suggest using fragrance free products and also like a cream or a balm as usually those are thicker than a lotion. Vanicream is a good brand that has a lot of products that are gentle and don’t have many common irritants that other products have in them. Their moisturizing cream is really thick and also moisturizing lol. Also products that have colloidal oatmeal in them are supposed to help with dry, itchy, inflamed skin. I guess the most important thing would be to look at ingredients in the products you are using if you haven’t considered that already. I have really sensitive skin and I have to be careful with a lot of my skincare and use fragrance free laundry detergent and whatnot. Don’t know if this was especially helpful since you might already know these kinda things but just thought I would put it out there. I guess just knowing you aren’t alone is helpful sometime 💕

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