How do or did you all get over the stigma behind having Hsv 1-2

Herpes Simplex

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  • AlphaBravo


    Still haven’t tbh. I haven’t been dating yet but I know that things will be fine in the end. I’m talking to two friends who have it and also reading Reddit. Hbu?

  • Briannatiara


    I’m fine until I have an outbreak then I get super sad.

  • TiffanyAnne


    I was very shocked when I found out (I was cheated on/lied to). I haven’t seriously dated anyone since then. I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to start a relationship with someone who could give him an incurable disease 😥

  • Hope222


    At first it was really hard, Took a long time to love myself again and to understand being lied to by the person I loved wasn’t my fault now I’m to the point where I forget I even have it at times. I was terrified That no one would want me come to find out that’s far from true. Daily meds helped a lot also & made it where I have less frequent symptoms and 75% less a chance of giving it to some

  • Melmusic


    I’m in denial about it but during Covid I started slowly accepting it I want to have a family one day so Im just trying to find out medical ways to be able to do so. And that’s why I’m here using this app because I’m slowly accepting it . Sometimes I’m depressed about it but my dr told me when I found out about having both hsv1 and hsv2 that they are getting closer to a cure and I heard about a vaccine so I’m just doing a lot of research to get rid of it so that’s where I’m at with it I have accepted until I got the second hsv2 because now I can’t be in denial I have to take meds and get better and be careful who I date and be more aware so I’m more accepting it but I’m looking for a cure or trial study for a cure.

  • icetrails


    I decided I would just be open about it with the people close to me in my life. My partner was very supportive and understanding, and just didn't view it as a big deal. My family and friends have also been really positive about it, and since sharing my status I've realized several other people in my life have it too! I think that open conversation is the antidote to stigma. I don't feel ashamed of my status, and no one should. It doesn't say anything about who you are as a person. It doesn't make you bad or dirty. It's going to be okay!!

  • JennaLynn


    I find it really difficult to tell new people I’m getting to know.

  • Mya1238


    I’m very active in educated my friends and family about it. It gets difficult sometimes because it’s so badly stigmatized. I just remind myself and others how common it is and how people get it all the time without even knowing and pass it along.

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