So today my work basically told me they were about ready to fire me for either calling out (because I’m too exhausted or in pain) or being late… I pulled the Uno Reverse card on them and said I was putting in my two weeks anyways. I wasn’t. I feel like a disappointment as an adult because it’s so hard for me to get up and get going. It’s especially hard for me when my job doesn’t care AT ALL about my well-being. I’m trying my best but I feel like I could be doing better… any opinions on how to deal with FM and working/living a normal life?

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  • UnknownSystem98


    Hi friend! I feel for you. I am currently working from home after being in retail since I was a teenager. I got very lucky and my profession calls for alot of at home jobs, if that’s an option for you I would 100% look into it I’ve gotten some of my life back since I’m not in as much pain after being on my feet all day

  • Chesbro99


    Or finding an easy office job. That's what I got lucky and got. It gives my body a break and even when I'm tired I just have to sit around and I can drag myself to do it

  • Aja


    I would definitely recommend a work from home position or an easy office job. Hopefully you’ll get a new supervisor who is more understanding of your condition.

  • Denise_907


    Contact your local state vocational rehabilitation program and see what trading programs they have going, talk to counselors about trading into a lighter duty field and get help with job retention and negotiating around your illness.

  • Lyndi


    Also, workplaces should offer accommodations for fibromyalgia under the new ADA guidelines!! Talk to HR!! 💛

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