I was just diagnosed with SIBO. I don't know much about it, and I have a follow up appointment soon, but I'm very happy to finally have a definitive answer to 3 years of constant uncontrollable symptoms. I'm excited to finally start treating symptoms, and healing properly! I thought I would come here to ask, what has helped others the most in their journey with intestinal malabsorption/SIBO?

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  • Riverwater


    Align probiotics!! Pricey but SO worth it.

  • princessbun


    Probiotics only worsened my sibo it was terrible, I feel like I tried literally everything. I couldn't afford the RX they prescribed me (rifaxamin). So I found a natural antibiotic that knocked it out after nearly 4 years of extreme symptoms. Its called candibactin-ar. I took 1 course of that which is 1 bottle... it was rough but by the end of the bottle I felt like my digestion was back to being like it was before it all even started! I am going to say something you mat not like tho- SIBO doesn't just "happen" there is always a trigger which means it will most likely come back if you can't find the cause of it. So my best piece of advice is to do some deep research on all your symptoms. Something else that also really helped me and I am still cycling on and off of it is 5-htp. It helps stimulate the migrating motor complex. Ginger tincture is also something that does the same thing but more immediate. Dm me if you have any more questions about it. Good luck!

    • Ory


      my gastro called in antibiotics for me to start taking so I will be starting on those soon. I have been dealing with my symptoms for years and am pretty confident I know the trigger. I was serving a year and a half long mission for a church I no longer associate with when I realized I didn't believe any of it, I was going along with what other people wanted for me, and I was extremely unhappy. I was only 19, and I felt too much pressure to stay, so I did. I got very ill and was eventually sent home. I haven't been okay since. I've gotten mentally better and my symptoms have never been as bad as they were then, but it's never gone away. I was told it was IBS but after trying EVERYTHING to treat my symptoms, nothing worked, and I was beginning to develope new symptoms due to malnourishment after years of not knowing I had SIBO. I had a moment a few months ago where I just knew something bigger was wrong and I needed to press for more answers.

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