Is Fibromyalgia supposed to progress? And is therr anything I can do to stop it from progressing further?

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  • Lady_RJM


    It varies, but most people that I have talked to have seen progression in their symptoms. I heard of any ways to slow down any progressions.

  • RNCandmom


    Mine has gotten so much in the last few years. It’s a lot worse in the summer .

  • Aislinn26


    I have had fibro pain since I was a teen and mine has just been getting worse especially when it starts getting cold. I've tried a lot of things but nothing has really worked for me. I know this isn't helpful

  • WonderfulWeirdo


    It is helpful. I know it's not just me.

  • SimplyImperfect


    It progressed for me. I've had aches, pains and all the symptoms since I was a teen but never knew why until it got worst in my mid 30's. I wish I knew there was something that could stop it's progression, all we can do is do our best to keep moving and try whatever there is to ease our symptoms of fibro.

  • Melos


    Sadly mine progressed and my doctor confirmed to me that it can. My pain has been so bad for the last few months.

  • WonderfulWeirdo


    Thanks for all the suggestions. I decided on chicken enchiladas and a disney movie marathon.

  • FearlessWarrior


    I mine is all over my body. Worse in hands, wrist, legs, back, and ankles.

  • Reece


    Mine has progressed over the last 10 yrs. A lot of it is stress induced. Sometimes weather has a big effect on my symptoms as well.

  • Kikafaye


    It definitely can progress. I've noticed that when I'm under a lot of stress mine gets worse and then doesn't get better. My Dr confirmed that what I'm experiencing is normal. That's why I started on medical marijuana. It helps so much!

  • LIN91



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