how do you manage your anxiety when going into a situation you know will trigger it? im expecting to have an important conversation soon, and the anxiety im experiencing in anticipation is killing me. it feels like it's eating at my insides

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  • cr33pingdeath666


    If the situation is work-related, then I use the Calm app to meditate beforehand. If it’s not work-related, then I use cannabis to help decrease my anxiety.

    • PeppermintAnn


      these methods have really helped me w other anxious situations!! ☺

  • Bumbling_Bee


    If I know ahead of time I try to prepare myself and be aware of how I'm feeling and how I know I'm going to feel. In this case I would try to think out scenarios in my head and plan what I would say. Not thinking them out to worry about the possibilities, but just to have a preplanned script in my head for what I have to do, as for me, things not going to plan or going into something without knowing what will happen.

  • Yennifer


    What I normally do is body awareness techniques while the conversation is happening. 1- take 5 deep breaths while they are talking (in nose, out mouth) 2- wiggle your toes/curl your toes a bit 3- if you can’t stomp, move your legs/sway a bit. Get blood flowing into your legs from being knee locked 4- clench your hands into fists and release 10 times 5- press your hands firmly on your legs and hold for 15 seconds 6- notice your hands. If they are cold and clammy, rub them together to feel warmth 7- take your breaths again

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