how do you all focus while at work? I end up procrastinating and playing on my phone and I know it's bad and it makes me feel like a bad employee but 😅


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Mellyy


    Well for me i would try to find something to do or re-think what my tasks are to do and to see if i did it or not. And you can also turn your phone on silent and put it in your coat/bag

  • bomb


    I try and remove distractions, but often if i’m not in the right headspace, i can’t get work done

  • Girlytech


    Thankfully on meds I've had less of an issue, but it's hard when you need a quick dopamine burst. I've found that listening to music without lyrics can help me focus on more complex tasks - while going full karaoke can help with the easier ones.

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