So I used to take depakote daily a few years ago, had a while where I didn't take it at all because my symptoms were pretty well managed, and then started taking it again. For those who are on Depakote and have periods, have you noticed that it has influenced the frequency of your periods at all? I used to never get periods (as a side effect of my birth control), but since going back on Depakote, I've both started getting periods again and they have been more frequent. Like every 2 or 3 weeks instead of monthly. I've also noticed if I ever accidentally miss a dose, I'll get my period like half a week later. Can anyone else relate?


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  • Sadako


    I've been on birth control for awhile before depakote, when they added carbamazepine I had changes my breasts grew witht nipple discharge, and I'm more moody with PMS, I went to the obgyn they said seizure medication can affect hormones like that. As if it was no big deal, for me it wouldn't be such a issue if I already didn't have a huge full bust.

  • Genn


    I can’t say yet abou this cuz I don’t take birth control and I just been a month of me actually taking depakote so I can’t say :(

  • Mady


    Yea this happened to me too on depakote. Just talk to your doctor and bring up any concerns you have.

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