What are the best strategies for getting and staying clean?


Opioid Addiction

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  • Sugarlo


    Prayer meditation determination and eating healthy

  • Tad23


    I quit heroin cold turkey and when I started to feel better I started doing the things I used to love prior, such as riding my bike and hiking. I got out of the relationship that I was in while on drugs and also got a new job. I reached out to a good friend from a previous job and he helped me to see my value again. Also, knowing that you want to live a long healthy life and that I have goals keeps me off of it.

    • Housewifey


      how did you get through the withdrawals?

  • katitomato


    If you’re able to go to a good rehab with a detox clinic, that would be my first suggestion. Or if you can get suboxone, that has been the best strategy both for my withdrawals and recovery management. Also, a good therapist who specializes in addiction, or any underlying mental health issues you may have if you have any. I will tell you cold turkey is the worst way to go, but if you must detox outside of a detox center make sure you have someone to hold you accountable as you detox, preferably someone who can physically be with you through the withdrawal. And finding hobbies to distract you and replace the rituals of using is helpful as well once you are over the withdrawals. Hope this helps at least a little!

  • asvprina


    i get methadone from someone and it helps with the cravings and everything. has really saved me fr you just gotta make sure you know how to taper off if you aren’t going through a clinic

  • countrygirl02


    12 step meetings

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