I need some advice or maybe to just vent Idk but I need to get stuff off my chest where it's discrete and my family won't see it.
So I checked myself into the psych unit at the hospital closest to where I live back in August and I was there for 3 weeks which is pretty long for someone like me and my issues I guess but anyway my family was swearing up and down how they had been working on themselves at home so they can be there for me and things could be calmer and easier when I get home. Made me really happy because I finally felt seen by my family. My wife, my son and my Father whom I take care of because he has the early start of dementia and alzheimers. Anyway, I get out 4 days before my wife's birthday and I was really excited because I felt grounded and like things were going to REALLY be okay. Well it lasted maybe a week if that. Now everyone is back to running me raged like I'm nothing and it sucks. I love my family but I already want to go back to the psych ward! 🥺

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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