I just got diagnosed with shingles and dear god it is SO PAINFUL. I’ve cried more in the last few hours than I have in YEARS. It’s absolutely crazy I just don’t know what to do or how to deal with it. The rash that comes with it isn’t even close to the worst part, it’s the pain under the surface of my arm. It goes back and forth between feeling like I’m on fire, being stabbed, or being electrocuted. Does anyone know anything I could do for the pain?

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  • BB55


    The doctor should have prescribed some kind of pain medicine, I think they use gabapentin For the this.

  • Anonymous100


    You should be taking Valacyclovir for shingles. And also, steroids will help reduce the inflammation and it should reduce the pain after a week. Your steroid dose should start as strong for you to see results after 1 week. That’s how it was for me. I did not have a rash, but I experience the pain. Please go see an immunologist!!!! Immunologist is the right doctor to see for this!

  • Anonymous100


    Or Acyclovir *** I’m no doctor, but Antiviral medication is needed to treat shingles

    • Little_Mak


      true. I was on antivirals given by IV for 2 weeks in hospital.

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