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  • Lolita


    The thing that helped me more than anything else including drugs, was exercising and working out. Jogging or lifting weights at the gym both work great for me

  • PxnkLxmonade


    The medication for me helped for a while, but eventually it stopped working altogether. I found Epsom Salt baths are effective for pain. Warm hotish water can be helpful as well. I've elevated my legs before and tried to stretch every now and then in the day.

  • FluffyBuni


    Lyrica world's wonders for me. Working out in the pool with weights. Doing lunges in the pool not only work on fibro or helps my back pain so much!

  • BuggyBee


    Cbd, exercise, pain meds, naps, eatting better.

  • Mae


    LDN: low-dose naltrexone, massage therapy, chiropractic, anti-inflammatory diet.

  • ChakraGoddess


    Blueberries. Epsom salt bath. Hot shower. Heating pad. Icy hot. Tumeric. Essential oils.

  • Chargie


    @ChakraGoddess Blueberries? Just eating blueberries?

  • Fibroteacher1107


    Heating pad, THC lotion, hot baths, epsom salt floats, icy hot patches

  • Lora


    Eating regularly, excercise when I'm not in pain and pain meds.

  • Supersleepy1


    Weed. I try to stretch, meditate, walk as I can. I was on Lyrica for like 4 years. Gained over 60#, got berated from the doc for weight gain when he was the prescriber ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  • Clancy


    Cbd oil, 80% cbd and 20% thc. The best sleep I had in years!

  • Painsucks320


    Medical Marijuana has given me life. I still have horrible symptoms. But I can move more freely and think creatively again!

  • Cindy33


    I find that when I'm warmer I feel less pain so I take hot showers and keep myself warm with hot drinks and food.

  • PharmTech93


    Tennis ball to work on all the knots on my back. I keep one in the car. It helps my tail bone that hurts too.

  • Nelly


    Real time pain relief topical cream, stretching, hot baths, essential oils, accupunture, chiropractor, trigger point injections, massage

  • kitkatkatecat


    the only think that had helped me so far is a tens unit!

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