So my insurance denied my enbrel injection but approved me for another? When did insurance companies become doctors? So frustrated this morning, was hoping this injection med might be the thing to really help. 😞

Sjogren's syndrome (SjS, SS)

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  • TiffanyAnne


    Unfortunately insurance companies control what the Dr gets reimbursed for. And they will take the least expensive route every time! You have to be very assertive with your Dr and insurance company, to get what you need. Be assertive.

  • ThisIsFine


    I would Google around at the websites for different injection meds. I take Aimovig and they have some deal that I'm on where it's only $5 a month. It's not my insurance making it cheaper, it's something through the manufacturer or something like that. Some doctors might also have samples you can try until you get the price figured out.

  • ThisIsFine


    Wait, sorry, I thought enbrel was a migraine med. Aimovig is a migraine med, so my apologies if this is a mix up. Still worth a look if the company has a program like this though!

  • Kintsugi13



  • karinad


    Hi! I made a discord channel for those specifically with autoimmune conditions to help each other out. you can join here:

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