I HATE the way Hydrocortisone gel feels on my skin. It's so uncomfortable and unbearable and I refuse to use it, but I know I really need it because I have so many scars and bruises from scratching. Is there anything else I could use that's more like a cream/lotion?

Atopic Dermatitis


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  • AnecdotalFox


    They do have it in a cream form that is almost like applying lotion. Or, at your grocery store they should have Goldbond or Eczema lotion that should help itching as well

  • Wish


    I know how you feel. It reduces my itching but at the same time it feels really greasy and takes hours to dry.

  • jerrielyn


    You can get that in cream format. I've used both. I get this insane itch that's right under the skin and I've literally lost my mind over it. The worst it's ever been happened in the ER when they gave me an opiate inmy IV the ended up giving me some Ativan 2xs before the itch calmed down and b4 I did anymore damage. It was horrible

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