I always wanted to roommate but I was afraid. I wanted to be friendly energetic and caring and smart productive. I always wanted to help my mom and sister my little sister will be doing that soon. She will live in a beautiful place,(city), travel around the world with friends and mom. She is praise by many people. she is perfect. she is very determine to study and accomplish her value and goals. I'm very jeolous. One day I will leave on my on, work very hard none stop, text to my sisters and mom for many years until I'm old and die. When I meet Jesus, I will ask him with all politeness to attend the other because I don't want to feel happiness and I want to isolate myself from everyone. The good thing is that I've manage to isolate myself in this world. Even if I cry and feel down, I wouldn't want to live happily in heavy. I don't want to be neither in heave or hell. Sorry, I'm just venting.


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