what are your biggest struggles with ADHD?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • bri5439


    overeating and impulsivity

  • theb00t


    Executive dysfunction

  • BucolicRose


    Forgetting where I put things and getting distracted easy. It's made my life a living hell but I'm hoping to get put on meds soon since I got my diagnosis earlier this year 🙏

  • BucolicRose


    And just forgetting things in general.

  • Lora


    Forgetting where my things are and having to look for them for hours, eventually buying new ones. Also just forgetting where I put all my stuff around the house- I can search for my keys for like ten minutes straight

  • neoncrusader


    The biggest struggle by far is the inability to get things done that are not directly in front of me. It made my life such a living hell during college whenever stuff started switching online and I didn't have any structure to force myself into getting stuff done. And you can imagine everything else it affects across my life. Shit sucks 😥

  • RosieFairy


    Organization/Executive Dysfunction and Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

  • JoAnn


    Executive dysfunction, emotional regulation, and compulsive eating or starving (the pendulum swings around a lot).

  • poisonharley


    Mostly executive dysfunction. And no memory for important things

  • Blb0116


    Being forgetful. Disorganized. Can only de clutter and organize if on meds. Being so scatterbrained I can never do things in order and jump from thing to thing. Easily overwhelmed.

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