I had a really rough patch w my depression the past year and this yr so far, and a lot of my family has given up on me seeing me struggle instead of being supportive. I definitely felt like giving up a hunnid+ times and I haven't so why was I given up on, cuz I'm an adult now. I have severe anxiety and depression that disables me and I only got help once when I was 16 cuz i tried kms and I wanted to stop self harm. Being hospitalized 2 wks aint do shit and just made me realize I'm not worth shit unless I look at myself and not how others look at me w thier cock eyes. Keep in mind I've been searching for jobs on and off since i was 17 but 18 i hurt my back and needed a yr and half to heal in order to work anywhere and I'm boutta be 20 in a few days now. I gotta keep going I know that but I feel hopeless cuz of the given situation I'm in at the moment so any insight? I'm all over the place like a can of spilled beans cuz imagine spilled milk and then a can of beans, beans really bad lmao


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  • Doughnut


    Hey happy birthday to you. I’m so sorry you’re going through it. I am as well. I wish I had a good joke for you or someway to cheer you up. It doesn’t really help me much to know the others are suffering because that just hurts me more to know that people suffer the way I do. I don’t want anyone to suffer this way. So I won’t say anything like you’re not a loan type deal. I can say, you are important and I so wish all of us could reach through our devices and give you hugs 💕

  • Doughnut


    I meant to say lol that you’re not *alone , not a loan 🙄🤪 Well maybe that cheered you up a little? 🤗

  • Bubz


    Just someone understanding like you is enough to cheer me up like 30%

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